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What’s good Cookout Fam!

So I was talking to some other folks about this, and wanted to know thoughts on the state of the culture of Twitch VS Mixer. I been thinking about investing time into Mixer to see how I feel about it. I may start either trying it for a full week or alternate back and forth while I stream.

For those who use the two, are there standouts on Mixer that differ from Twitch that interest you more? If so, why?


I absolutely love Mixer. The biggest difference for me was the latency. There is like zero to no lag between chat and streamer. It makes interacting with the community faster and easier. I dont feel like I missed someone’s instant reaction, etc. It also makes community night for interactive games (like jackbox) feel fun, fluid and fair,
e on mixer.
Another big difference was the community itself. I stream on both platforms and the vibe on mixer is so different. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have it’s issues, but it worked better for me. For example, I encounter more trolls on twitch than I have on mixer.

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I just streamed for the first time on Mixer yesterday. I got lots of those spark things and there were a lot of nice people that showed up. I also got a few trolls though and as I was working on the butt of my character I got suspended even though it was an 18+ stream. But a quick email got that resolved within the hour I was really impressed! I’m going to try again today.

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Welcome to the forums, @HarleighQuynn!

Please let me know if you need any assistance!

Welcome to the forums, @TimidClover!

Please let me know if you need any assistance!

Nice! Glad to hear that their Customer Service is fast…that definitely is a plus when it comes to customer service!

Good point! That makes me feel good about the zero lag…i do like real-time interactions VS that 2-5 second lag…think it makes a HUGE difference.

You def made me really tempted to try Mixer soon now. I was strongly considering, but think ima do it!

As @HarleighQuynn has already stated, the low-latency is definitely a plus with Mixer over Twitch, especially if you happen to use an Elgato HD60 S to stream. Everything will literally be almost-instant as a full experience.

I dig the presentation/UI of Mixer a lot too. That blue just feels a little more comfortable on the eyes over long periods of time than the purple, which says a lot for a guy that actually really digs purple since I’m born in February lol. That goes for the actual design of the channels too. You have more freedom in designing your “About Me” section than on Twitch. The Twitch panels are cool, but limiting. On Mixer, you can really add all the info, images/gifs, and links that you want. The way they handle adding your social media links is really clean, makes it a one-stop shop right on the page. If you need an example, head over to my channel and check it out, I really used that space to the fullest (no, that’s not self-promo, you don’t have to follow me lol).

The co-streaming feature on Mixer is also AMAZING. Twitch is trying to do the same thing off the recent with their Squad Streaming feature, but Mixer has had it for a good year or 2 at this point and they have it perfected. Your co-streamers don’t lose any stream quality and it’s open to everyone, not just Partners.

Also, just as she stated, the community and culture on Mixer is definitely more welcoming. For a while, my channel on Mixer wasn’t really growing much because I would keep going back and forth between Twitch and Mixer and wasn’t really being consistent on the Mixer side. I blame myself for that as I was struggling with balancing life stuff and that nagging “well, you have to stream on Twitch because that’s the bigger/more established platform” thought in my head. But about a month and a half ago, I finally accepted that I wasn’t really happy streaming on Twitch and I had to stop myself from forcing it. I committed fully to Mixer and got consistent, and in that month and a half, I’ve gone from like 140 followers to 309 followers. I’ve also built some good connections with some of the partners over on Mixer like MunchkinDoom (who I’ve actually known for years but didn’t realize she streamed), Quanicus, and MedusaChan. I have yet to really chop it up with a streamer on Mixer and there be an attitude where it’s like “oh, you’re not as popular as me so you’re beneath me”, which I can say I definitely experienced on Twitch and YouTube. The vibe is more like “man, you can do this, just create and build your community, we want to see you win”, and I appreciate that a lot.

Yeah, you’ll still have your occasional trolls and your streamers that can be a little “eh” attitude-wise, but I feel like they’re far outnumbered by the positive folks on Mixer. And like Harleigh said, the support team is A1. The few times I’ve experienced trolls, it was as simple as reporting and banning the user, and Mixer responds in a matter of minutes. Not days, not weeks, not months - like 5 minutes. And if the user tries to make a new account and dodge the ban, Mixer goes to the next step and does IP bans, even down to the level of console bans if the person happened to be on Xbox. They don’t play when it comes to the trolls.

Oh, and just a common misconception I want to clear up - you don’t have to have Xbox to stream on Mixer. You don’t even HAVE to have a Microsoft/Hotmail email to sign up. My Microsoft account login is my Gmail address. You can also sign in with stuff like Twitter or Discord. There’s streamers on Mixer who play Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, retro games, all of that. PS4 just doesn’t have a Mixer app (or they didn’t the last time I checked), likely due to competition reasons. I stream my console games from PC using OBS Studio, so not really an issue for me. I play literally all the consoles I named in the second-to-last sentence on Mixer all the time.

There’s definitely a place for everyone to find their niche on Mixer because it’s so young, and I’d advise it if you’re interested. Being that Mixer is so young in comparison to Twitch, there’s obviously not all of the categories and carved out categories (what used to be Communities) like Twitch has, but things like that will come with time. I’m more intrigued by the idea of carving out my place as a quality variety and retro streamer on Mixer. Variety streamers and retro streamers DO exist on Mixer, some are even Partners, but they’re not as deep as on Twitch. The opportunity to make myself one of the main names for that on Mixer over time drives me.


I honestly like Mixer because I don’t have to struggle as much getting a stream going from my Xbox. Yeah, I have a capture card and all that, but my Xbox isn’t anywhere near my office so I don’t really get to use the card like that. Like Harleigh mentioned, the latency isn’t bad at ALL, and I like that I can see the chat on my Xbox screen, rather than having to have my laptop open and checking that every so often. I don’t like having to look away from my screen to read chat if I can help it.

It may not have emotes and all that fancy stuff, but what it does have, that’s enough for me. Also, like Rob said, I LOVE THE CO-STREAMING. It is the BEST, haha.

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I greatly appreciate you taking the time for in-depth breakdown Rob…all of what you stated really is giving me some serious thought into trying it out for sure.

I say this also due to me still being a fairly new person trying to stream…I don’t mind trying new things to experiment. Thanks for all of this info!

Yeah…as I’m continuing to figure out the streaming, I’m simplistic off top so dont need all the pizazz for me lol. It’ll prob take me some time to figure out the features of Mixer, but appreciate your perspective on this Anca!

I had my eyes on Mixer when it first dropped, but I had just became an affiliate and built my Twitch Channel up. If I didn’t have my community where it is now, I would have probably made the jump to Mixer earlier. It appeals to my desires of a streaming service.

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I was looking at trying out Mixer before the whole ninja thing, but never had the time to really commit to it and now with the time I am not trying to deal with people acting like I am jumping ship so to speak. The co-streaming feature was a huge draw to me because my wife and I enjoy streaming together from time to time as well as other members of the community that we have built together. I think that I might just take the plunge, as it were, and be the first one over see how it goes and see how it all works out.

First of all, welcome to The Cookout Forums! Glad that you made it!

Second of all, people are switching all the time, and especially with Ninja moving, it’s never been a better time to move on over.

That being said, I don’t see an issue with streaming to multiple platforms.

Have you considered that?

Mixer’s Co-Stream feature is unmatched.

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Mixer is cool. But the biggest problem it has is viewership. Not a lot of opportunity to grow. A majority of accounts on mixer are all streamers. It’s hard to make a streamer into a viewer when they too are on the same grind. If you are streaming to just stream cool. If you are looking to make this as a way of supporting life, it’s highly likely it’s not gonna happen.

@bifuteki Welcome to The Cookout Forums!

I don’t know if I can fully agree with that, honestly. I know a few Mixer Partners that I personally chop it up with and that give me advice, and they do this full-time as Mixer streamers. Specifically, the homies Quanicus and MunchkinDoom. Mixer may not be as big as Twitch, but it’s big enough for you to sustain yourself as a full-time streamer as long as you’re entertaining enough to make viewers want to watch you and support you via donos, Embers (Mixer’s variant of Twitch’s Bits), and subs. That’s the thing a lot of people don’t really discuss when it comes to this streaming thing - succeeding as a full-time streamer has way less to do with the size of the platform and more about, are you REALLY an entertaining enough streamer to pull in those numbers on that platform? Sure, there’s more viewers on one platform than another, but it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily gonna watch you just because they’re there. In my case, I’m pulling in way more on Mixer than I ever was on Twitch and in shorter time. I left Twitch with 240 followers in a year. In half a year on Mixer, I’m at 577 as I type this. There’s a lot of variables, I suggest everyone testing out the waters on multiple platforms (Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, Caffeine, etc.) and see where you fit best…you might be surprised.